What people are saying

No staring blankly out the bus window on our tours! The fun starts the minute you board and continues all day. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what Foodie Field Trip riders had to say about their experience:

“Thank you for the fabulous field trip on May 13. I have heard so many favorable comments from the Flower Garden Club members. It was fun, informative and full of surprises. The trip exceeded our expectations.” –Nancy Kasparek, Alliance Flower Garden Club

Any serious or semi-serious foodie MUST take this tour.” —Marilynn Doll, Canton

“I experienced new places that have been there for years, without having to worry about traffic, parking, or directions. It is so well organized the time just flies by with great experiences with stores, food tastings, sight seeing, history, and great stories!” –Kathy Wolf, Alliance

Foodie Field Trips-  where memories, not calories counted. From Where the Chefs Eat, to The Westside Market, to The Old Schoolhouse Winery, each trip was full of great food and drinks, tasty recipes, fun adventures and good souls.”  -Mary Beth Medford, Canton Retired Teachers

“I’ve been on three of these trips with my sister and it was such great fun! The Bergmanns make the trips interesting and fun as well as educational.  I have wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Thanks Foodie Field Trips for taking me to places I may have never seen.”  -Cathy Wagner on YouTube

“This was the most fun that I have had in awhile! The West Side Market was a fabulous experience. Learned something about each stop, and the restaurants were gracious and provided wonderful food. I returned to one of the restaurants for my birthday! Can’t wait until the next trip!” –Jane Burt, Canton

“The Foodie Trips are one of the most fun events I do each summer. Great food and entertainment plus participants actually learn interesting facts and trivia about places visited.” –Judy Vaughn  

What the Canton Repository said:  Former Rep Food Writers Take Show On The Road.  Whenever wheels are in motion, Bergmann and Mastroianni entertain with stories, jokes and contests, along with hints about the next stop.

What the Alliance Review said: Hungry For Adventure? Foodie Field Trips Can Help With That.