Hop aboard! If you love to sip, sample and shop, you belong on our Foodie Field Trips.

The fun starts on the bus — or as we call it, our cooking school on wheels. We’ll share tips, tasty morsels, and recipes as we speed toward a delicious destination.
Join us!

– Saimi Bergmann
– Mark Bergmann
– Jennifer Mastroianni

Craving Adventure?

Remember how we looked forward to those rare days during the school year, the days when we left behind daily routines to go on a field trip? Oh, the anticipation, the excitement of climbing aboard the bus to head off on an adventure.

Why should kids have all the fun? Adults need field trips too!

Here’s your chance.


Food writers Jennifer Mastroianni and Saimi Bergmann have designed culinary bus tours called Foodie Field Trips. They’ve done the research and legwork for you, visiting destinations to ferret out the tastiest spots and best-kept secrets. They’ve talked to shop owners and chefs to find local treasures and culinary specialties. They’ve arranged behind the scenes tours and visits with local food experts.

So break out of your routine and climb aboard the bus. We’re going on a field trip!

Mediterra Bake House, West Side Market, Cleveland

Tickets nearly sold out!

Our 2019 season will run from May 8 to Aug. 1.  We  have a new Cleveland tour, dubbed our “Farewell Tour,” as well as a new “Grapes and Grains” tour of wineries, breweries and distilleries near Coshocton.

Big News! Saimi and Jennifer are releasing their Foodie Field Trip Cookbook on May 7!  It will feature recipes from Foodie Field Trips tours as well as favorites from their Repository days and from their personal recipe collections.  Cookbooks will be available on tours this summer. 

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